Caring and Compassionate Pet Euthanasia

Euthanasia is something most people would rather not think about, unfortunately, pets become old and ill, and when they appear to be suffering, sometimes pet euthanasia is the most caring and compassionate thing a pet owner can do for their pet.

Understanding When It is Time to Say Goodbye

It can be difficult for pet owners to determine when it is time to say goodbye to their beloved pets, especially if your pet has good days and bad days. If you are unsure as to whether it’s time to say goodbye, the doctors at Northern Veterinary Associates can evaluate your pet’s health and answer your questions in order to help you make a decision.

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In-Office Pet Euthanasia

Once the decision is made for euthanasia, it is important we create a plan so your pet is comfortable during their journey to the clinic, and we do what can to help reduce any potential anxiety. We can help you make your pet's experience more comfortable by providing you with calming medications that you can give them prior to arriving at our veterinary office. Please speak with your doctor in advance of your appointment.

Once you arrive in our office, you will have the option of choosing how involved you wish to be in your pet’s final moments. If you wish to stay with your beloved pet throughout their final moments, our team will escort you to a private room where you can say your goodbyes and hold your pet while he or she passes.

Some people prefer to not be present during the procedure. We have other options available as well. Some owners will visit for a short period of time, and then step out of the room prior to the procedure. Rest assured, we are blessed with a caring staff who will comfort your pet during the whole process. We understand that our pets are family members, and we treat all of them as if they are our own.

During the procedure, your veterinarian will give your pet a sedative to allow them to relax and fall asleep. They will then administer the second medication that helps your pet pass peacefully. Once your pet has passed, you will have the option to take your pet back home for burial, or you can choose one of our options for cremation.

For questions about pet euthanasia or to schedule an appointment with Northern Veterinary Associates, call us at (906) 485-6145 today. We’d be happy to make this difficult process a little easier on your family.


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