Allergy Testing and Therapy

Allergies are one of the most common, and most frustrating, conditions for the patient, owner, and veterinarian. Fortunately, Northern Veterinary Associates offers a full line of allergy testing and therapeutic options for your pet. After a thorough physical exam and discussion with you, your doctor will build a diagnostic plan to determine what your pet is allergic to. We work with a state of the art laboratory that is dedicated to allergies in dogs and cats. With a simple blood test, we can determine what therapy will be best to help manage your pet’s illness. Once the allergy type is determined, the proper therapy can be initiated.

Examples of Allergy Testing and Therapy

  1. Food Allergy (food, treats, and dietary supplements).
  2. Environmental/Seasonal (pollens, house dust mites, molds).
  3. Flea Allergy.

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