Meet the Team

  • Debra Young
    Senior Clinic Manager

    Debra Young is the Senior Clinic Manager at Northern Veterinary Associates and also provides dog training services. As the Senior Clinic Manager, Debra is responsible for all of the day-to-day activities that take place at the clinic. Inventory management is a large part of Debra’s day. She ensures that all of the clinics needs are met in regard to retail items, medications, pet foods, and prescription diets. She also oversees the maintenance of the facility. Her top priority is to ensure an excellent experience for our clients and patients. Debra’s past history working at a large retail department store transferred well to the care and maintenance of Northern Veterinary Associates. As a dog trainer, Debra has 25+ years of experience. She continues to pursue continuing education seminars so she can remain at the cutting edge of an ever changing scientific discipline. Her passion is to find and meet the needs of her clients and put them on track to a happy and healthy relationship with their dog. Debra has a wealth of experience with her own personal dogs. She has raised and trained Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, Papillon, and Chinese Crested breeds. She uses her knowledge to compete in American Kennel Club (AKC) events such as conformation, obedience and tracking. Debra enjoys frequent trips with her husband and daughter to dog shows in the region. She and her daughter have trained and handled several dogs, producing many champions. Currently they have an AKC/Canadian Champion Golden Retriever, a Canadian Champion Papillon and an AKC Champion Chinese Crested.

  • Jamie Magnuson
    Veterinary Assistant

    Jamie Magnuson is a veterinary assistant at Northern Veterinary Associates. Growing up in the Negaunee area, she developed her animal handling skills on her family’s hobby farm. They cared for horses, goats and chickens. A few years after graduating from Negaunee High School, she decided to pursue a career as a veterinary assistant. Jamie soon discovered that this is what she was meant to do. She uses her talents to keep all aspects of the clinic running smoothly. This includes the maintenance of our diagnostic laboratory. Whenever the doctors or other staff members need an answer to a problem, they go looking for Jamie. She is also one of our Certified Therapeutic Laser Technicians. Jamie and her husband are currently raising two young daughters. Two dogs, two cats, and two goats round out their household. In their free time they enjoy camping.

  • Heather Mongiat
    Veterinary Assistant/ Social Media Manager

    Heather Mongiat serves as both a veterinary assistant and Social Media Manager at Northern Veterinary Associates. She is able to utilize her veteran skills at both the front desk, assisting our clients, and in the exam/surgical/treatment areas, assisting our patients.

    Raised on County Road 581 in Ishpeming, Heather was fortunate enough to grow up caring for a variety of animals, especially horses, dogs and cats. During her senior year of high school she was able to secure an internship at Northern Veterinary Associates. After graduating from high school, Heather worked part-time at the clinic while attending Northern Michigan University. It was during that year that she decided that she wanted to commit to being a full-time veterinary assistant. Her decision has proven to be a great career choice for her.

    For several years, Heather has been a responsible owner and loyal advocate for the Pit Bull breed. She has rescued and found loving homes for many throughout the years. Her late Pit Bull, “Angel”, was a Certified Therapy Dog. Heather enjoyed bringing her to public events in order to change the negative stereotype of the breed. Heather will admit that Angel did most of the work for her. Angel’s legacy will forever leave a positive impression on this often misunderstood breed. 

    The rest of Heather’s free time is spent with her husband their two sons on their hobby farm. Currently they have two horses, three cats, several chickens and six dogs.

  • Courtney Allen
    Kennel Manager

    Courtney Allen has been given the critical role of Kennel Manager.  This is an extremely important position at Northern Veterinary Associates, as the well-being of our patients is of utmost importance. As a kennel manager, Courtney’s responsibilities are diverse.  Her most important duty is to keep our patients comfortable, happy and relaxed.  She is also responsible for monitoring hospital supplies and the maintenance and sterilization of surgical instrument packs.  Courtney also assists in maintenance of the clinic.  The appearance and smooth operation of the clinic is vital to the high quality care that is offered to clients and patients of Northern Veterinary Associates. Courtney was born and raised in Ishpeming. She graduated a Ishpeming Hematite, where she enjoyed participating in baseball and basketball. She enjoys spending her free time with her family and their dog.

  • Beth Rae
    Front Office Manager

    Beth Rae is one of the office managers at Northern Veterinary Associates. Like many of our employees, Beth had been a client prior to becoming an employee. For many years she gave loving care to a special needs rescue dog named Elka.  Before making her career change, Beth was a veteran employee at another West Ishpeming business. It always brings a smile to her prior customer’s faces when they realize that it is Beth working for us at the front desk. She grew up in Ishpeming with her sister Heather (who also happens to be an NVA team member), surrounded by a variety of small and large animal pets. Beth received valuable exposure to pet care at an early age.

  • Shana Caliguri

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  • Serena Peske
    Licensed Veterinary Technician

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  • Jennifer Ingebrigtsen
    Veterinary Assistant

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  • Jessica Wood
    Veterinary Assistant

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  • Karina Jousma

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