Lily Savolainen Jandron


Lily is a 12 year old German Short-haired Pointer who has the kindest soul and a brilliant mind. She loves to please, and tries her best to understand her humans when they talk to her. Lily will alert us when our phone is unattended and ringing. She will watch over her sister, QP, and let us know if QP needs to come inside. Lily loves to be outside. In the summer, she will head to the beach at camp. She eagerly looks back and waits for someone to bring a fishing pole. Fishing is one of her favorite past times. She loves looking for “the bird”, or hunting chippies. When Lily realizes that we are dressing for outdoor activity, she will point to her leash, as she wants to make sure she is included. Lily has been a source of comfort to our family. She is always there for us. It’s been a bit difficult watching her age, and realizing that we have to adjust our activities to keep her safe and comfortable. Although she would love to go on strenuous hikes, we now choose flat trails. She has always made our family her number one priority, so it is easy to make sure that she is ours. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have Lily in our lives.

Diane Savolainen, Dr. Jandron, and Matt Jandron

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