Emme Woods


Our Emme crossed rainbow bridge due to a oral tumor that could not be treated.   She was a wonderful addition to our family and is greatly missed.  My husband and I enjoyed the 13 years she was in our lives and miss her snuggles the most.  Emme was a great hunter and loved hay piles. She became very affectionate, enjoying snuggles from anyone, and oversaw things in our barn.  She wasn’t always that way.  I love remembering the unique situation brought us together.

Emme showed up at a barn where I boarded my horse.  They agreed to let her stay if I provided food.  She would allow you to pet her when she ate but otherwise, not so much.  Her favorite hiding spot was a space between the wall of the horse stall and the wall of the barn.  I was the only one that Emme started following everywhere around the farm.  Indeed, she had chosen me, there was no question about that.  Over time I could pick her up, very carefully as she’d swat at you for the littlest thing.  The day I moved my horse to another barn proved our bond.  On moving day Emme greeted me as usual.  As we finished loading up my horse’s gear the whole family and their dogs came out to say good bye.  Due to all the commotion Emme disappeared to her hiding spot behind the stall wall.  With no way to reach her I decided we would come back later for her.  As I walked my horse into the trailer Emme suddenly appeared out of hiding as if to say, “I know it’s the last minute but I don’t want to miss my ride”.  My husband scooped her up and she willingly went into her carrier.  When I checked on her in the car she was content and purring up a storm.  And so, Emme came home that day!

Jill Woods

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