Pet Wellness Exam

Importance of Regular Wellness Exams

Caring for your pets is a full-time job if you are doing it right. Making sure you are getting them regular wellness exams can truly make a difference in their overall health. For those in Ishpeming, MI, and the surrounding areas, Northern Veterinary Associates is here to perform pet wellness exams.

Pet Wellness Exam

What Are Pet Wellness Exams?

Much like you would take yourself or your child to the doctor each year, a pet wellness exam is a crucial part of caring for a pet. A wellness exam is first and foremost a chance for your pet’s veterinarian to check on your pet's overall health and wellness. It is a chance for the vet to check vitals, weight, and overall growth and development. It also presents a chance for a more in-depth evaluation and you as a pet owner to bring up any concerns that you might have. A wellness exam includes checking vitals and bloodwork as well as an overall visual examination.

Why Are Wellness Exams Important?

This type of exam is important namely because it allows the vet a chance to see your pet and take note of any changes that might be happening. It also allows the chance to make sure that if there are any issues, they are caught early on and taken care of. Rather than waiting and hoping your pet is ok, this type of evaluation is going to afford your vet the chance to make sure that if there is an issue, it can be taken care of quickly and efficiently. Your pet is important to you and making sure that any problems are taken care of quickly is important to his overall health and to make sure that he can stay with you for years to come.

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