Laser Therapy

Northern Veterinary Associates is proud to have been the first clinic in our region to offer Laser Therapy as an adjunct treatment to our standard medical and surgical services.

Therapeutic lasers differ from surgical lasers, as they don’t cut tissue. The spectrum of light used allows for a deep penetration and stimulation of body cells. The end result is relief of the pain, swelling, and inflammation caused by surgery, injury, or disease. An additional benefit is the stimulation of the normal, healing tissue cells, which allows for a more rapid return to normal function.

Laser Therapy can be applied to a wide variety of injury and illness, such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Acute bone, muscle, or joint injuries
  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
  • Acute or chronic Spinal Pain
  • Post-Surgical sites
  • Periodontal Disease/Gingivitis
  • Acute or chronic ear infections
  • Dermal injuries, burn wounds, or rashes

Over the last several years since we began laser therapy, the number of success stories has been staggering. The speed of recovery can be amazing, when laser therapy is part of the treatment protocol. The biggest reward, however, is watching a geriatric patient, who could not ambulate well anymore, change to a patient that regains a manageable level of function. The happiness in our senior patient’s eyes is enough to know the true value of this type of non-invasive therapy. If you feel your pet could benefit from laser therapy, please call and ask to speak to one of our staff members.

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