QP Jandron


Like most of our pets, QP came into our lives due to unforeseen circumstances. After the death of a long term client, her family asked if I knew of anyone who would take QP. After some thought, I decided that she would be a great fit with our family. Weighing in at 12 pounds, her first impression to someone meeting her is one of a frail little dog. It doesn’t take long for people to realize that QP is one tough dog (one of the toughest I have owned). Prior to her joining our family, she survived a horrible tick-borne disease called Ehrlichia. She contracted this when she lived in Arizona. What could have taken out a tiny lap dog, only made her stronger. She definitely runs the show at the clinic. She comes to work every day, and spends most of that day barking orders at my staff. She changes her mind daily as to who will have the privilege of serving her! QP has been a source of entertainment not only for my home family, but also my work family for many years now. Scott Jandron, DVM

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