Molly was born April 18, 2000 and so began the most wonderful adventure of our lives. Shortly after receiving Molly in June we started our search for a veterinarian. We soon found our way into Dr. Scott Jandron’s life. In the beginning, we saw Dr. Jandron for annual physicals and shots. By the time she was 5 years of age we had collapsed lungs from hunts, encounters with porcupines, and the usual activities of adolescent behavior. And, Dr. Jandron saw us through each emergency. The years went by and to our amazement Molly was now an older dog, a geriatric dog. In our eyes she was still our sweet girl but Dr. Jandron and his staff began preparing us for what was to come in her senior years.

In April of 2012 Molly started having a difficult time going out for our 2 mile walks. After several tests, Molly was diagnosed with Diabetes. It took a while to get her established with insulin but Dr. Jandron continued until we found just the right dose that kept Molly healthy. And then in December of 2014 Molly started having more difficult problems. Dr. Jandron and his staff worked diligently to keep Molly strong. We changed insulin brands, doses, and food.

In January of 2015 Molly started her journey home. I must say that Dr. Jandron, Dr. Cannon, and Dr. Sheffield were on top of Molly’s case and without them I do not know what our family would have done. By now, they were not just caring for Molly but they extended their care and kindness to us. They were available to Molly and us no matter the hour. Molly died March 27, 2015. Before she left us each and every member of Dr. Jandron’s team made their way into the exam room to say their good-byes to Molly. There were many tears and we will never forget the love that flowed into our lives that day. Because of their tireless efforts they extended Molly’s life another 2 years.

Doug and Brenda Stacy June 30, 2015

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