Pet Dental Care FAQs

Pet dental care is often neglected. Most people don't brush their pets' teeth. And if you aren't taking your pet to your veterinarian for dental care, your pet's teeth and gums are likely receiving no attention to prevent oral health issues. Here at Northern Veterinary Associates, we can provide dental care and educate you on how to care for your pet's teeth at home. 


What Are the Most Common Dental Health Issues in Pets?

Our veterinarian most commonly sees gum disease in pets. This condition occurs when bacteria around and underneath the gum line and cause irritation. When this issue progresses, it can start to deteriorate the gum line. Some pets will experience tooth loss.

How Can You Prevent Oral Health Problems in Pets?

For one, you should visit our veterinarian who offers oral health services at least once yearly for your pet. At this appointment, our vet can provide you with an oral health screening to detect problems early and intervene as necessary. Additionally, at this visit, our practitioner will provide your pet with a thorough cleaning, which can remove the bacteria from your pet's teeth. 

How Does a Vet Check for Gum Disease?

During your pet's dental appointment, you may notice that we assess your pet for gum disease. We do this through a process known as probing. We check pockets between your pet's teeth and gums. In addition to evaluate your pet for pockets, we gauge the depth. Deeper pockets mean your pet has a more serious case of gum disease. 

Do You Fill Cavities? 

As briefly mentioned, cavities in pets are rare. If your pet should develop one though, we can fill it to prevent it from spreading. In the more serious cases, we can remove the entire tooth to prevent the bacteria from spreading to your pet's other teeth or the bacteria spreading underneath the gum line. 

How Do You Treat Gum Disease?

If your pet has gum disease, we'll provide him or her with a thorough tooth cleaning. It consists of cleaning your teeth and around and underneath the gum line. By removing the bacteria, we reduce the inflammation and prevent it from attacking the jaw. 

We provide several oral health services to keep your pet's teeth healthy. This helps ensure your pet can chew as normal, which can prevent a nutrient deficiency. 

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