Snapple arrived at Northern Veterinary Associates by an unlikely twist of fate in 2013. He very quickly became the Northern Veterinary Associates Ambassador of Goodwill. Snapple was born with the ability to comfort those in need, both human and animal. Whenever a patient or client displayed signs of anxiety or concern, he would always appear out of nowhere to ensure that their visit was as comfortable and happy as possible. Very frequently, clients would ask us where Snapple was. Many people enjoyed his company! Snapple enjoyed visiting with our clients as they waited for their furry family members to return from the exam room or treatment area. He was always in the mood for a “hello” or a chin scratch! The rest of his day consisted of lounging around in one of his many custom made beds. Unfortunately, Snapple passed away during the summer of 2015. He is gone from us now, but he left a lasting impression on everyone who met him.

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