Arthur Jandron


For the last 25 years, I have consoled my clients during the loss of their beloved pets. I have always said that we love all of them unconditionally, but we all get that one pet in our life that leaves an extra special mark on our lives forever. Our soul mate, so to speak. Arthur (or Artie) was that dog for me and my family. Arthur came into our lives when my son Matt was 5 years old. He was born with a heart defect, so every day, of the 12 years that he was with us, was a blessing. Matt has looked at Artie like the brother he never had. For as long as Matt can remember, Artie has been there for us. When I met my girlfriend, Diane, several years ago, he was the icebreaker that allowed her to feel at ease with my family. He was one of those ever-ready dogs that would hang out next to you until you were ready to go, and would leap up at any sign of activity. He helped us during many up and down times in our family, by just being Artie. His confident strut and his comical ways helped bring a smile to everyone who knew or met him. In the end, his physical heart finally gave out, but the heart and soul within him will remain with us forever.

Dr. Jandron, Diane Savolainen, and Matt Jandron

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