Puppy and Kitten Care

If you've recently purchased a puppy or kitten, chances are you want to ensure they grow up happy and healthy. Puppies and kittens need specialized care from a veterinarian to ensure they are developing properly, aren't suffering from any medical conditions, and get the treatment they need to thrive. It isn't enough to simply give a visual check to your puppy or kitten because you may not see the problem. You need the help of a veterinarian at our animal hospital who can help determine if your puppy or kitten is doing well, or if they need additional treatment.


At Northern Veterinary Associates in Ishpeming, MI, we make it our mission to help pet owners get the care they need for their pets. From pet vaccinations to dental care, de-worming, flea and tick treatment, and more, we'll be here to help your pet stay healthy! 

What Care Does My Puppy or Kitten Need?

Puppies and kittens will need more comprehensive care than adult dogs and cats. For starters, puppies and kittens need special pet vaccinations to be administered when they are still young in order to be effective. These vaccinations can be staggered between birth and up to 18 weeks for your pet. 

In addition to vaccines, a veterinarian at our animal hospital will need to conduct a physical exam in addition to lab work to determine if your pet is healthy or has any underlying diseases.

Weights will also be taken to ensure your pet is on the right course for development.

Finally, spaying and neutering services can also be done early on, which can help prevent your pet from getting pregnant or impregnating other pets.

How Can a Veterinarian Help My Pets?

A veterinarian at our animal hospital will help determine if your pet needs certain vaccines, or could benefit from other treatment options. For instance, if your puppy or kitten is a stray, a veterinarian on our team might also recommend initiating care such as de-worming, which is intended to get rid of any heartworm affecting your pet.

Other treatments can also include stool tests to determine if there are any other parasites affecting your pet. A flea and tick examination might also be given to your pet, at the discretion of your veterinarian, in addition to treatment for any existing fleas and ticks.

Get Pet Care for a Puppy or a Kitten with a Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital

At Northern Veterinary Associates in Ishpeming, MI, our animal hospital is here to help your pet feel healthy, happy and improve their quality of life as they age. Call us at (906) 485-6145 to schedule an appointment with us to see how we can help you!

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