Pain Management

As pet owners, we develop deep bonds with our animal companions. They bring love and joy into our lives and in exchange, it is our responsibility to ensure their comfort and general well-being. One aspect of ensuring their well-being is taking care of them when they are in pain. If you are looking for help from a “veterinarian near me” with managing your pet’s pain, give us a call at Northern Veterinary Associates in Ishpeming, MI. 

Laser pain theraphy

Understanding Pain in Pets

Just as with humans, animals may experience pain for any number of reasons. One way to help relieve chronic pain in your pet is by scheduling a vet consultation with our office to determine the underlying cause of your pet's pain and discomfort. Common signs of pain in pets include:

  • •  Behavioral Changes: Sudden shifts in a pet's behavior, such as increased aggression or reluctance to engage in favorite activities can be a sign of an underlying health issue like chronic pain.
  • •  Limping or mobility issues: Pets who have difficulty moving or avoid putting weight on a certain limb may be in pain.
  • •  Increased vocalizations: More whining, whimpering, or other types of vocalization can be the result of a pet in discomfort.
  • •  Altered grooming habits: Some pets may increase their grooming in a specific spot due to pain or physical irritation. 

Pain Management Techniques

After a vet has examined your pet and determined the cause of his pain, we will build your pet a personalized plan. Some of the common pain management techniques we might recommend include:

  • •  Medications: Prescription medications can help in the immediate alleviation of pain.
  • •  Exercise: Where medication can offer immediate relief, exercise might be recommended for long-term relief. Exercise works to help improve a pet's mobility and reduce his overall pain issues.
  • •  Laser Therapy: Low-level therapy is a unique pain management technique that works to stimulate cell regeneration and reduce the inflammation that typically results in pain. This is a great choice for those with pets suffering pain due to arthritis and certain joint conditions. 
  • •  Nutritional Support: What foods pets (and people) eat can really impact their overall health. A vet on our team might recommend a special diet or nutritional supplement to help with pain management, especially pain related to joint issues.

Get Pet Care from a Veterinarian

If your pet is showing any of the aforementioned symptoms of pain in pets, then we recommend scheduling a vet consultation at our friendly Ishpeming, MI, veterinarian office. We are proud of our experienced, friendly staff members who are here to help owners like you find the pet answers they need. Call us at (906) 485-6145 for pet care from a “veterinarian near me” with us at Northern Veterinary Associates

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