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Did you know that more pets go missing on July 4th (and the surrounding days) than on any other holiday? It’s true. Many pets are terrified of fireworks and parades. Frightened pets often look for a way to escape, they will hop over or find a way to slip through their fences. A scared pet can be a very determined pet.

Here are some useful tips for keeping your pets safe at home over the holiday:

  • Keep your pets well secured indoors.
  • Go for a walk before the festivities begin.
  • Keep the radio or tv on.
  • Check all the windows and doors to make sure they are securely closed.
  • Keep up to date ID tags on your pet.
  • Have a microchip placed ahead of time. Some pets are masters of escape and can slip almost any collar. We carry Home Again microchips and they can be placed in your pet during a routine checkup.
  • If you know your pet has anxiety about fireworks, be sure to pick up some calming aids ahead of time. For a list of products to try read our blog that lists quite a few options to try:  northern-vet.com/summer-anxiety-thunderstorms-and-fireworks/

If you do lose your pet UPAWS has a great list of places to check when looking for them: upaws.org/animals/lost-found/ive-lost-a-pet/

Parades and fireworks are not always appropriate places for your dog. Yes, some dogs are okay with it and even thrive in those situations.  If your dog doesn’t mind any of the noises, sights or the crowded environment and you really want to take them with, please be a responsible pet owner.

Pack these items and use this advice if you choose to take your dog with:

  • Baggies to clean up after your pet
  • A dish and cold water
  • Pet safe sun screen
  • Pet safe bug repellent
  • A 6ft nylon leash. Extendable leashes and chain leashes are not safe in crowded environments.
  • A collar/harness that your dog can’t slip out of.
  • Be aware of how hot it is. Pavement and asphalt can heat up quickly and burn your dogs pads.
  • Make sure to find places for your dog to cool off during the day; a shady spot under a tree, a lake to swim in, even a little plastic pool with cool water.

We hope all of you have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day, this includes your pets. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about how to keep your pets comfortable over the holiday. (906)485-6145

Happy 4th of July!


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