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Update 3/21/20: As the Covid-19 outbreak continues to spread and more precautions are needed, we are adjusting our hours and appointments accordingly.
 We are following the advice of Governor Whitmer, after her new Executive Order was released this past Friday.

*Starting on Monday, March 23rd, we will shorten our hours to 9:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday, CLOSED on Saturday and Sunday.
We will always be available for our sick and injured patients. Please call if you feel that your pet needs to be seen. We can discuss what your options are.

We will continue to have a doctor on-call for emergencies during all hours when our office is closed.
 If you have an after-hours emergency, please continue to call (906)222-5896. We are always available when you need us.

We also will only be seeing appointments and surgeries that are medically necessary. This means postponing the majority of vaccine, nail trim, yearly exams and more, along with elective surgeries and procedures such as spays/neuters, routine dentals, nail trims requiring sedation and some lump removals.

Some of you may have already received phone calls from us starting to reschedule appointments. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience this will be to any of our clients and hope you understand. (If you have an upcoming appointment and might have changed your number recently or simply have not heard from us to reschedule your appointment, please contact us so we can either confirm your appointment or possibly reschedule it.)

As this situation continues to evolve we will also continue to make the necessary adjustments. Please watch for our updates and be prepared for frequent changes. Thank you so much for your patience as we all try to make our way through this challenging time.

(3/16/20) At Northern Veterinary Associates, it is always our number one priority to ensure the safety and health of our patients, clients, and staff. In light of the recent COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, we have been taking precautionary measures to reduce the potential spread of this virus. We will continue to commit ourselves to providing the same excellent care for your pets. However, we will be enacting a few different protocols in regard to how we conduct our normal daily schedule.

First, we ask that all clients avoid coming to the clinic if you are experiencing any flu or COVID19-type symptoms, or you have had potential exposure to any of those viruses. It would be safer to find a family member or friend to bring your pet in for you. We are asking the same of the doctors and staff at our clinic.

Second, if your pet needs to be seen and you feel you should not come to the clinic, please call us to discuss your pet’s situation. We can then advise you on what we can do to assist with your pet’s needs.

We are also asking that our clients consider waiting in their cars with their pets, in our parking lot, until their scheduled appointment. They can check in with us by simply calling our front desk (906-485-6145), or step inside the front door to let us know you are here. We will then come to get you when we are ready to bring you to an exam room. If this is not an option for some, please call ahead so we can make the proper arrangements to get you into an exam room in a timely fashion.

We have all been faced with a very unique situation. One that none of us have experienced before. It is important that we all practice “caution without panic”, and follow the advice of organizations like the CDC, and the American Veterinary Medical Association. The changes discussed above will continue to be modified as this pandemic unfolds. We will continue to update everyone as these adjustments are made.

We truly appreciate the patience and cooperation of our clients. We will continue to be available at our normal business and emergency hours. As always, your pet’s health is our number one priority! Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

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