Courtney Allen

  • Courtney Allen
    Kennel Manager

    Courtney Allen has been given the critical role of Kennel Manager.  This is an extremely important position at Northern Veterinary Associates, as the well-being of our patients is of utmost importance. As a kennel manager, Courtney’s responsibilities are diverse.  Her most important duty is to keep our patients comfortable, happy and relaxed.  She is also responsible for monitoring hospital supplies and the maintenance and sterilization of surgical instrument packs.  Courtney also assists in maintenance of the clinic.  The appearance and smooth operation of the clinic is vital to the high quality care that is offered to clients and patients of Northern Veterinary Associates. Courtney was born and raised in Ishpeming. She graduated a Ishpeming Hematite, where she enjoyed participating in baseball and basketball. She enjoys spending her free time with her family and their dog.


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