Heather Mongiat

  • Heather Mongiat
    Veterinary Assistant/ Social Media Manager

    Heather Mongiat serves as both a veterinary assistant and Social Media Manager at Northern Veterinary Associates. She is able to utilize her veteran skills at both the front desk, assisting our clients, and in the exam/surgical/treatment areas, assisting our patients.

    Raised on County Road 581 in Ishpeming, Heather was fortunate enough to grow up caring for a variety of animals, especially horses, dogs and cats. During her senior year of high school she was able to secure an internship at Northern Veterinary Associates. After graduating from high school, Heather worked part-time at the clinic while attending Northern Michigan University. It was during that year that she decided that she wanted to commit to being a full-time veterinary assistant. Her decision has proven to be a great career choice for her.

    For several years, Heather has been a responsible owner and loyal advocate for the Pit Bull breed. She has rescued and found loving homes for many throughout the years. Her late Pit Bull, “Angel”, was a Certified Therapy Dog. Heather enjoyed bringing her to public events in order to change the negative stereotype of the breed. Heather will admit that Angel did most of the work for her. Angel’s legacy will forever leave a positive impression on this often misunderstood breed. 

    The rest of Heather’s free time is spent with her husband their two sons on their hobby farm. Currently they have two horses, three cats, several chickens and six dogs.


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