Meet Dr. Pamela Busser

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Dr. Pamela Busser

After high school, Dr. Busser moved to the Chicago area and obtained her Bachelors of Science degree in Biology at Northeastern Illinois University. She returned to her home state and earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Michigan State University in 2015. While attending MSU, Dr. Busser developed an interest in companion animal medicine and surgery. She was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to volunteer her surgical skills at a local clinic that offered low-cost spays and neuters for those in need.

Currently, Dr. Busser’s area of interest is focused on cats and dogs of all ages. She is committed to providing excellent medical and surgical care for every stage of their lives, from newborns to seniors! Geriatric medicine is important to Dr. Busser, as she wants to ensure your pets age gracefully and have the highest quality of life in their twilight years.

Family is also very important to Dr. Busser. She is the middle child of three siblings, and remains close to them and her mother. She lives in the Ishpeming area with her husband, daughter, two dogs, and three cats. Dr. Busser spends much of her free time heading home to visit family and friends in the Copper Country. She also enjoys many outdoor activities and reads books from a wide variety of genres.

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