Meet Dr. Susan Cannon

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Dr. Susan Cannon
Co-Owner and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Susan Cannon is co-owner of Northern Veterinary Associates and full-time veterinarian. She grew up in East Lansing, MI next door to MSU’s veterinary facility. With her love for animals, the close proximity and the influence of the Veterinary College, Dr. Cannon knew her future was caring for those animals and helping the people who love them.

Dr. Cannon graduated from MSU College of Veterinary Medicine in 1988 and moved to the U.P. as a full-time veterinarian. In 2002 she and Dr. Jandron established Northern Veterinary Associates. Dr. Cannon enjoys general medicine and has interest in Dentistry, Dermatology and Internal Medicine. She also feels strongly that Animal Behavior and Training need to be emphasized to make strong, lasting relationships between animals and their people. She pursues this interest through extensive reading and attending both dog training and horsemanship seminars. Dr. Cannon and her husband own a small farm. They keep a garden, poultry, sheep and horses. Dr. Cannon is an accomplished rider and enjoys both riding and driving their Clydesdales. She also competes in dog obedience and especially dog agility with their Belgian Tervuren and Border Collie.


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